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Many Vendors Make Big Claims, We Show Results

99% of our clients obtain first page ranking for one or more of their keyword phrases. Some say it is magic but we know it is just expertise, hard work and diligence.

Psych SEO

We are experts at getting you ranked high in Google.

Websites are ranked in importance by a specific set of criteria designed to gauge their authority and relevance. We help you target the specific search phrases that you want to be found under.

Professional Search Engine Optimization services enable your site to be found easily in search results pertaining to your local market. We continuously monitor and update our strategies in order to keep your website as close to the top as possible. While it is true that you could conduct your own SEO, we have years of proven experience and success that facilitates visibility.


Search engines rank your site based on a number of criteria that indicate the relevancy of your site for the search phrase that a person types in. Xsalta provides consistent monitoring and pro-active targeting of these specific criteria for the search engines. Our strategies consistently influence your search rankings by regularly making necessary modifications to your site in order to enhance your site's authority and relevancy.

If you are looking for high ranking, Xsalta can:

  • Boost Your Local Map Listings into Top Positioning
  • Enhance the Quality of Patient Reviews
  • Optimize Your Google+ and Local Bing Pages
  • Keep Your Site Current with Local Search Trends
  • Build Links from Important Directories
  • Update Your Website Content
  • PPC Campaigns (Google claims that paid advertising doesn't affect organic ranking; however, that is not what we see.) PPC drives traffic and the more traffic you have increases your relevance to Google.
I so appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail provided to us during this project. Carol Kivler