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Your Patients are on Social Media

1.3 billion people are on Facebook.  500 million are on Twitter.  These numbers grow every day, making Social Media an extremely important communication tool to deliver news about your practice.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Our marketing team is able to curate the smart and fresh content that your patients are looking for. And even more, we’ve designed custom schedules and content specific to your practice to ensure your brand has the most effective reach possible. To create a consistent brand message, we will build all of your Social Media platforms and link them to your website. We will also monitor the accounts on a daily basis, alerting you to any issues.

Patients will also be encouraged to connect via ongoing posts and share their own positive experiences or word-of-mouth referrals. Our responsive and engaging posts will keep your practice current and relevant to your patients and followers.

Prime Service

  • Create and manage business accounts on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
  • Post content 6 to 8 times a week on each of these platforms
  • Post custom content about your office 2 to 3 times a month

Prime PLUS Service

  • All the services of the Prime Package
  • Create and manage a personal account on LinkedIn
  • Post content through your LinkedIn account twice a month
  • Network your account by linking to groups and professionals in your area



Your specifically designed visual branding will drive the layout and look of your customized Facebook Page.  This page will highlight the most important features of your website.


Continuity will augment your website with visual brand recognition within your customized Google+ presence.


Promotions, events, updates, changes in your practice, and other simple information can be shared via “Tweets.”


A LinkedIn Business Page can create the right professional appearance for your office. A properly managed page can give the look that helps drive leads to your business and entice new physician referrals.


We will create and customize your own YouTube Channel.  Add videos of patient testimonials, specials, and procedural benefits in order to increase your audience and boost your Google page ranking.


Up to date blogging keeps you in the forefront of your followers attention.  Share pertinent industry updates or stories.

Thanks for all your hard work on this. You have been amazing and supportive (especially with all of our email responses). Russell - Dr. Ram's Practice