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Success Through Experience!

We have built over 200 mental health websites just in the past six years. We know how to build and deploy psychiatry websites with strategies that work.


We understand the unique challenges of working with private mental health practices. Over the years, we have refined our processes to work efficiently with psychiatrists, and specifically psychiatrists who offer TMS Therapy. You can now get a professionally designed, psychiatry website at a fraction of the cost and time by using our flexible website theme building blocks. Our sites use the latest web standards and are mobile compatible for tablets and smart phones.

But it is not enough to build a site that looks good. It must also be easily found by search engines. Xsalta developers understand how to build your site so that it will rank high for important mental health keywords.

We offer four website packages to meet your specific needs:

1.) Dedicated TMS Therapy Website

This is a website dedicated solely to marketing TMS Therapy. This option is ideal for high search engine ranking. We have spent years refining our content and search engine optimization techniques to help our clients get to the first page of Google.

A key ingredient to this is the opportunity to use a descriptive domain that includes both the words "TMS" and the geographic location (ie. This helps with search ranking and provides an easy to remember website address when marketing TMS.


2.) Full Practice Website

This is a website that communicate all of the treatment modalities that you provide at your practice, including TMS Therapy. This is a good option when you want all of the information on a single website. This approach works well if you don't have an existing website or are ready for an upgrade.

The down side to a full practice site approach is that it takes more effort to rank well. With that said, we have techniques that we have used that have been very successful. So, if you really want a single site with everything, we can make it work.


3.) Combined TMS & Practice Website

This approach combines the effectiveness of a dedicated TMS website with a full practice site. We design two sites that are very similar in the way that they look but are technically two separate sites. To search engines, this makes a big difference. This option offers the best of both worlds.



4.) Custom Website

Simply put, we can build the site to your exact specifications. Custom sites include all of the features and capabilities of our other website packages with the personalization of a custom design.  These sites are more expensive because they require more time to develop the design and organize the site structure. These sites are typically in the $5k - $7k range.  Please contact us if you would like more information about custom sites.



All Websites Include:

  • Premium Hosting
  • Domain registration or transfer
  • Professionally pre-designed website templates
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Unlimited website template upgrades
  • Website pages: Unlimited
  • Email Accounts: Unlimited
  • Built-in content management system so you can make updates directly
  • Animated slide show on home page
  • Optimized title, meta tags and urls
  • One month FREE Google Adwords Campaign (generates 40-50 new visitors)
  • Custom quarterly reports to track site activity

TMS Centric Features:

  • Continuous TMS Therapy Search Engine Optimization
  • Unlimited content changes
  • TMS Therapy content
  • Automatic TMS content updates
  • Premium Listing on

Full Practice Features:

  • General psychiatry content


Marketing Upgrades

  • Additional hours of design
  • Integrated website blog
  • Adwords PPC Advertising
  • Bing PPC Advertising
  • Facebook PPC Advertising
  • Prime Social Media Marketing
  • Prime PLUS Social Media Marketing
  • Advanced SEO campaign (expand your keywords)
I wanted to thank you for your great work with our website. Your time, expertise, patience and creativity is greatly appreciated. I think we ended up with one of the most attractive and content filled TMS sites. Our time spent tailoring to our visions and needs was well spent under your expert guidance. Dr. James Stockwell