About Xsalta Mental Health Marketing, LLC

Since 2003, Xsalta has been specializing in digital marketing for mental healthcare offices and clinics throughout the country. Xsalta has built hundreds of websites for mental health practices, and has extensive experience promoting and growing businesses through effective digital advertising services. We are the most experienced agency to cater to TMS-providing doctors, and have been helping promote TMS longer than any other marketing firm.

Xsalta is proud to stay committed to increasing awareness of TMS and mental health in general through work with Martha Rhodes, author of “3000 Pulses Later”, as well as the Clinical TMS Society and the California TMS Society. Xsalta is also the owner and administrator of TMS + You, a true patient advocacy site that helps individuals connect with people who have been treated with TMS Therapy.

Xsalta is the leading provider of digital marketing solutions for TMS doctors in the world.

Our Team

Bob Beaury

Bob is co-founder of Xsalta and is the primary point of contact for customers. Bob handles all sales related inquiries from new and existing clients. In addition, Bob handles the finances of the company and is the primary point of contact for our strategic partners.

Jason Oakman

Jason is co-founder and Senior Web Developer at Xsalta. He directs all web development and is the architect of the TMS Therapy website program. On a day to day basis, Jason handles all technical issues related to the building, deployment and maintenance of all websites. In addition, he is an accomplished graphic designer and is responsible for any aesthetic decisions made on behalf of our clients.

Megan Govil

Megan is the Director of Website Development. For clients in the program, she is the primary point of contact for building websites as well as all future updates and maintenance. She also manages the Google Ads program in addition to monthly and quarterly communications for tech tips and other outreaches.

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