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Engage Existing Patients to Keep Them for Life

Your relationship with patients takes an ongoing engagement to make sure they are happy and willing to refer you to their friends. We can help you make that happen.


Social Media is the cornerstone of new media marketing and is helping mental health practices reach important audiences like never before. Since 2013, Xsalta has managed hundreds of Social Media campaigns for Mental Health Practices. We build the pages, curate and create original material, implement advanced marketing strategies, and manage page activity on a daily basis.

Your patients are on social media every day, and reaching them through these key platforms continues to be the most affordable marketing option available. We focus on building and managing a strong social media presence that reaches current and prospective patients in your area with an informative and professional image that matches your branding and delivers strong specific Call-To-Actions.

An effective social media presence means content creation, daily management, and optimal posting strategies.

With Xsalta's resources and experience, we are ready to create and adapt mental health marketing strategies that fit the changing social media landscape, ensuring your practice is always presented in a relevant and effective way. To create a consistent brand message, we build all of your Social Media platforms and link them to your website. We will also monitor the accounts on a daily basis, alerting you to any issues.

  • Curate professional content that your patients are looking for
  • Identify the right posting strategies to reach the most people
  • Responsive daily page management and updating
  • Regulatory knowledge to engage social media audiences
  • Integrated branding that reflects your practice the right way
Thanks for all your hard work on this. You have been amazing and supportive (especially with all of our email responses). Russell - Dr. Ram's Practice