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Success Through Experience!

We have built over 300 mental health websites just in the past ten years. We know how to build and deploy psychiatry websites with strategies that work.

Mental Health Website Themes

Xsalta has developed several website themes that you can choose from for a turn-key approach to building your site. All you need to do is pick a theme from the list below, then pick a color scheme and header photo. It is that easy!

Remember: The 'theme' of a site is just the layout of the navigation and content. Both the colors of the site and the header image are completely customizeable and individual to each site we build.

Header images can be an image you own, or chosen from a stock image site. Alternatively, Xsalta already owns a selection of images, and you can select one of them if you'd prefer. Click here for Xsalta's header image gallery.


Website Templates

Click the thumbnails below to view a full sample site of the theme design. When you've chosen a theme you'd like, visit our Getting Started page to email us your information as well as what theme you'd like.